Valve and spray nozzle

The valve and spray nozzle are also known as valve, spray valve, and spray pump.


New World collection is an importer and manufacturer of various types of single-hole and dual-hole spray valve nozzles with different stem sizes for use in specific spray applications such as paint spray, air freshener spray, deodorant spray, color spray, shoe spray, adhesive spray, and industrial spray.

The available valve nozzles in New World have various applications. One example is the bag-on-valve (BOV) spray valve, which is used for products such as saffron sprays.

This type of bag-on-valve spray valve is used for food, cosmetic, and personal care products.

In this method, the main spray substance is injected into the bag, and the propellant gas is placed behind the bag, between the inner wall of the spray can and the outer layer of the bag, ensuring no contact between the liquid and the propellant gas.

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Thick Spray Pump (Thick Valve Pump)

The thick spray pump (thick valve pump) is used for thick spray liquids such as liquid soap, dishwashing liquid, cream, lotion, and other cosmetic products.

Thick spray pumps are produced with different neck sizes and various stem lengths.

A type of thick spray pump is the foam spray pump, which is used for spraying thick and foamy substances.

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Thinning Spray Pump (Valve Thinning Pump)

The thinning spray pump (valve thinning pump) is available for order in different neck sizes (18, 20, 24, 28) with various colors, both imported and domestically, in the New World collection.

The valve spray is a tool used for various applications such as alcohol spray, perfume spray, and other liquids.

Thinning spray pumps are categorized based on several parameters:

1. Spray angle of the thinning spray pump.

2. Neck size.

3. Thinning spray pumps are available in sizes 18, 20, 24, and 28.

4. The length of the stem is determined based on the product volume.

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