Metal tea box

New World is a manufacturer of various Metal tea boxes, metal containers and boxes including metal tea boxes, saffron metal containers, tea cans, canned cans, and more.


Packaging tea in a metal box is a method of preserving the quality, aroma, and flavor of tea.
Metal tea boxes are resistant to light, heat, moisture, and pests, ensuring that the tea remains fresh and delicious.
Metal tea boxes also come in various beautiful designs and colors, making them suitable for decorative purposes or as gifts.
Tea metal boxes are usually made of tin, which is a durable, recyclable, and cost-effective metal.
These boxes are produced in different shapes, sizes, and capacities.
Metal boxes are suitable for storing various types of tea such as white tea, green tea, black tea, Darjeeling tea, etc.

Packaging tea in printed boxes is one of the ways to increase sales and attract customers.
Printing on tea boxes can showcase the brand’s personality, quality, and taste and differentiate the product from competitors.

Printing on tea boxes can also provide useful and necessary information about the type, properties, brewing methods, and storage of tea to the customers.

Designing and producing printed boxes for tea requires attention to various factors.
These factors include selecting the appropriate material for the box, choosing creative and beautiful colors and designs, using the brand’s logo and name, incorporating suitable images and symbols, using appropriate fonts and letters, including ISBN, production date, price, quality, etc.

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