Trigger Sprayer Cap

Trigger Sprayer Cap: The trigger cap is a type of cap made of plastic or metal.


Trigger Sprayer Cap:

  1. The trigger sprayer cap is a type of cap commonly used for the closure and opening of various sprays. These caps are made of plastic or metal and in some cases, they may be produced with a luxurious and glamorous aluminum or gold coating known as luxury spray caps.
  2. One prominent feature of the trigger sprayer cap is the presence of a protective cover over the spray area, which prevents unexpected leakage of the contents. Additionally, these caps have a locking system that allows you to securely use the spray from the inside while effectively protecting the contents.
  3. Another positive feature of the trigger sprayer cap is its beautiful and diverse design. These caps are available in various colors and designs, allowing you to choose a spray cap with your preferred design and color.
  4. Due to safety limitations and transportation regulations, the trigger sprayer cap should always be installed on the spray solution and should not be used without protective cover, including the trigger cap itself.

Trigger Cap or Pump:

The trigger cap, also known as spray gun, dilution sprayer, or multipurpose sprayer, is used for various purposes such as glass cleaning, gas spraying, or multipurpose applications.

Trigger caps are of good quality and are available with 28 mm orifices, different nozzle lengths, and in a variety of colors.

In fact, the trigger dilution spray cap is connected to a compatible bottle, which allows the contents inside the bottle to be dispensed when the consumer presses the pump handle.

This product is used in industries such as cosmetics, personal hygiene, pharmaceuticals, and disinfection.

New World is an importer and manufacturer of various sprayer caps and valves, including single-hole, double-hole, and nozzle sprayer caps in different sizes. The available caps in the collection have various applications. One example is valve sprayers and valve pouches known as BOV, which are used for purposes such as saffron spraying.

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