Aluminum Spray Can


Aluminum spray cans come in various sizes and are purchased from an aluminum factory (these tablets (capsules) are available in both domestic and international markets). After being pressed and placed in a machine, they are transformed into aluminum spray cans, and their heads are crimped and rolled.

Then, a resin and white paint (through a furnace) are applied with a round tampographic printing in 1 to 8 colors (allowing for image engraving).

Finally, a layer of UV resin is applied to fix the color on each can.

One of the advantages of using aluminum in spray production is its resistance to natural factors such as scratches, heat, temperature, humidity, and corrosion. It remains completely intact and is also non-conductive, making it fire-resistant.

Aluminum cans are used for body sprays, fire extinguishers, and hygiene sprays.

Aluminum Spray Cans

Application Height Diameter Capacity
Cosmetics, hygiene, medical 6 cm 3.5 60 ml
Cosmetics, hygiene, medical 15.5 cm 4.5 150 ml
Cosmetics, hygiene, medical 16 cm 4.5 200 ml
Cosmetics, hygiene, medical 17 cm 4.5 250 ml
Cosmetics, hygiene, medical 19 cm 4.5 300 ml
Cosmetics, hygiene, medical 19.5 cm 4.5 350 ml
Cosmetics, hygiene, medical 21.7 cm 5.3 400 ml
Cosmetics, hygiene, medical, cinema 21.8 cm 6.6 500 ml
Cosmetics, hygiene, medical, cinema 25 cm 8 1000 ml

Aluminum spray cans can be produced with different capsules, so the diameter and height can vary.

Aluminum screw-cap cans are commonly used for pesticides, perfumes, and essences.

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