Paint Spray Can

New World is a leading manufacturer of various types of Paint Spray Can , metal spray cans (tinplate) and aluminum spray cans in various diameters, heights, and volumes. The services of can production, can printing, spray filling, shrink-wrapping, and packaging are carried out with the highest quality in this company.


Paint Spray Cans  are considered one of the popular forms of packaging for paint. This is because of its ease of use and high applicability, which has led users and those involved in painting and coloring to prefer spray can packaging.

Painting, due to its nature, requires high skill and precision, and it demands tools that can provide high accuracy and finesse. Nowadays, spray cans have largely replaced paintbrushes in most painting needs. Spray cans are usually of the tinplate variety and can be produced in different sizes and diameters.

The packaging of paint materials in the form of spray cans is usually done as follows:

  1. First, the printing stage on the metal is performed. The printing includes product name, expiration date, contact information, manufacturer, and safety warnings.
  2. The can is shaped into a cylinder, and its valve is mounted on the cylindrical body.
  3. Initially, water leakage is tested from the can to ensure there is no leakage.
  4. The valve is inserted.
  5. The paint material is charged into the spray cans, and during this process, a certain amount of pressurized gas may be injected into the cans to prevent an increase in pressure inside the packaging.
  6. After charging the paint material into the spray cans, the can lids are installed, and again, a strong pressure gas can be injected to seal them.
  7. Finally, the spray cans are packaged in boxes and prepared for market distribution.
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