Flat spray cap

The flat spray cap is a creative and functional product that makes using spray products easy and convenient. With their unique design, these caps evenly and controllably dispense materials, helping you get the most out of your spray products.



A Flat spray cap is a cover used to protect the nozzle of a spray can. This cap is usually made of plastic, but some spray can caps are made of metal.

Flat spray cap are found in many spray products such as disinfectant sprays, cosmetic and hygiene sprays, insect repellents, and more. These caps not only protect the nozzle of the spray can but also act as a lid for the can.

Some spray can caps have safety locks that allow the use of the spray by pressing a specific button on the cap. These locks are particularly useful for sprays that may be hazardous to children.

Flat spray cap is an important product in the packaging industry used for packaging various chemical substances, paints, oils, mineral water, cosmetics and hygiene products, agricultural chemicals, and more. This type of cap is used for packaging spray products, and since these products are under pressure, they require a tight and secure cap to prevent unauthorized release of the product contents.

Flat spray cap are made of materials such as metal and plastic, which can perform well in different temperatures and storage conditions. In many spray products, these caps serve as essential packaging components and effectively preserve and transfer the product contents.

The most important feature of a spray can cap is that it completely prevents air and dust from entering from the outside, helping the internal content of the product maintain its best quality under proper storage conditions. Additionally, the spray can cap can be opened and closed, allowing the internal content to remain intact under appropriate storage conditions and providing easy access to the content when you need to reuse the product.

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