Injector Cleaner Spray Can

New World is leading manufacturer of various types of Injector Cleaner Spray Can, metal spray cans (tinplate) and aluminum spray cans in various diameters, heights, and volumes. We provide high-quality services for can production, can printing, spray filling, shrink-wrapping, and packaging in this company.


Nowadays, the use of spray cans for packaging and dispensing industrial detergents and solvents has become common.

Industrial components, such as automotive engines, become contaminated due to continuous use. These contaminants in the injector and other fuel delivery components cause incomplete combustion, resulting in reduced power and acceleration. The use of industrial detergents and solvents in spray can packaging not only provides ease and convenience of use but also allows for spraying the solvent into internal parts, crevices, and inaccessible components.

The solvent used in injector cleaners is compressed and comes in liquid form. When used, it is sprayed into the engine’s air intake, throttle plate, and shaft, allowing the contaminants to be expelled through the exhaust.

The packaging of industrial detergents in spray cans has eliminated the need for internal engine part cleaning by service technicians. Tinplate spray cans are used to produce injector cleaners.

The production of injector cleaners is carried out as follows.

The packaging of Injector Cleaner Spray Can is usually done as follows:

  1. First, the printing stage on the metal is performed, including product name, expiration date, contact information, manufacturer, and safety warnings.
  2. The can is shaped into a cylinder, and its nozzle is mounted on the cylinder body.
  3. Initially, water leakage from the can is checked and cleaned to ensure no leakage.
  4. A valve is inserted.
  5. The injector cleaner material is charged into the spray cans. In this process, a certain amount of pressurized gas may also be injected into the spray cans to prevent an increase in internal pressure within the packaging.
  6. After charging the injector cleaner material into the spray cans, the can lids are installed, and additional high-pressure gas may be injected to secure the seal.
  7. Finally, the spray cans are packaged in boxes and made ready for market distribution.

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