Dashboard Cleaner spray

New World  is a leading manufacturer of Dashboard Cleaner spray, various metal (tinplate) and aluminum spray cans in various diameters, heights, and volumes. We provide top-quality services in can production, can printing, spray filling, shrink wrapping, and packaging


Dashboard Cleaner spray is a product designed for cleaning and maintaining the dashboard of your vehicle. With its unique formula, this product easily removes dust, dirt, and oily stains from your car’s dashboard, giving it a fresh and new look.

The Dashboard Cleaner spray has a mild scent that is widely acceptable to many consumers. It outperforms other cleaners in this category, providing you with an efficient and cost-effective solution for cleaning your dashboard. Additionally, this product acts as a protector for your dashboard, preventing damage from sunlight and excessive heat.

Available in various can sizes, by spraying the product on your dashboard, you can easily remove dust and dirt, leaving your dashboard clean. It is worth mentioning that when using this product, it is recommended to use a soft and dry cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

In summary, Spray Dashboard Cleaner in a can is one of the best solutions for cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your car’s dashboard. With its mild scent, cleaning efficiency, and protection against light and heat, it is highly recommended.

The packaging of the Dashboard Cleaner is usually done in the following steps:

  1. First, the printing process on the metal can includes product name, expiration date, contact information, manufacturer details, and safety warnings.
  2. The can is shaped into a cylinder, and the sprayer is mounted on its body.
  3. Initially, the can is tested for leakage, ensuring its integrity.
  4. The valve is attached.
  5. The Dashboard Cleaner is charged into the spray cans, and in this process, a certain amount of high-pressure gas may also be injected to prevent increased pressure inside the packaging.
  6. After charging the Dashboard Cleaner into the spray cans, the can lids are installed, and additional high-pressure gas may be injected to seal them.
  7. Finally, the spray cans are packaged in boxes, ready for distribution to the market.
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